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Modeling for secure apps deployed on AIMMS PRO – Part 3: securing file access in AIMMS PRO storage

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This blog post is the last in a series of thee to enable AIMMS app developers to model file sharing in a secure manner.  In the first post, we covered authorization of AIMMS PRO users, and in the second, we covered transferring files. In this blog post, we will cover granting and denying access to files in AIMMS PRO storage.

AIMMS PRO storage organizes access per entity, whereby an entity is a user or a group of users. We start with retrieving the set of entities and the group or user names associated with them. This can be done via the following call to system library AimmsProGUI:

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How to link AIMMS with an SQLite database (in Windows 10)

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Say you have a wonderful AIMMS application, that needs to link a Database Table identifier database (an AIMMS identifier) to one SQL data base of yours. Your amazing SQL data base is, however, an SQLite database. Thus, to be able to read it, AIMMS needs the appropriate “driver”, which enables him to read your SQLite database. This blogpost presents how to:

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How to integrate AIMMS with Tableau

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TableauAlthough both the traditional AIMMS Windows UI and the new AIMMS Web UI offer excellent data visualization capabilities to view the data present within an AIMMS application, many of our customers have expressed the wish to be able to view and work with AIMMS data in Tableau (and other BI tools such as

Data in Various AIMMS WebUI Views

Data in Various AIMMS WebUI Views

QlikView, or Spotfire). This allows a much wider audience within a company to track KPIs on dashboards based on the results from an AIMMS application, using a wider range of graphical capabilities to drill down into the data presented, and to cross analyze these results against data from various other corporate data sources.


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