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Execute, a handy function to run an executable program from AIMMS

Posted on February 22, 2017 by Leave a reply

run an executableAIMMS provides a good selection of functions, such as arithmetic functions, string manipulation functions, time functions, distribution functions, file functions, and more, for app developers to build prescriptive analytics applications.

However, if you already have another program for certain tasks that you don’t want to rebuild in AIMMS or if the functionality you need is not available, you can use the Execute function to call the program from AIMMS.

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Modeling for secure multi-user AIMMS Apps deployed on AIMMS PRO – Part 1 User Groups

Posted on September 27, 2016 by Leave a reply

AIMMS PRO is a multi-user environment, designed to host several Apps used by several end-users. Information is shared by these users via these applications. Depending on the role of the app user in the organization, selected information may or may not be accessible. For instance, a planner may change the production plan, that plan can be inspected by management, but is not accessible to the HRM staff.

This blog post is the first post in a series of three to enable AIMMS app developers to model necessary file sharing in a secure manner. The topics of the three posts are:

1. Identify the user of the AIMMS PRO App and the AIMMS PRO groups they belong to

2. Upload files to AIMMS PRO Storage and download files from AIMMS PRO Storage

3. Grant access, via authorization strings, as appropriate to files in AIMMS PRO Storage

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Set, Subset, Index and Element Parameter in AIMMS

Posted on September 23, 2016 by Leave a reply


Do you know Set is a god of the desert, storms, disorder, violence and foreigners in ancient Egyptian? So it is totally possible that his disturbance power influenced mathematical world, which is considered employing set theory as foundation system. From 5th century Greek in west India in the east to today’s modern society, there are struggles, debates, paradoxes around set theories. You can find lots of readings about them, or if reading history sounds boring, there will be a little fun video to watch at the end of this blog.

Set in AIMMS can also be confusing for new AIMMS users. We often get questions regarding how to use set, subset, indices, mappings, etc. While working on my own Fantasy Football project, I think it might be helpful to share how I started building one of my models to clarify some of the ambiguity by this example.

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Using AIMMS WebUI Forms to Create and Edit Data

Posted on March 10, 2016 by Leave a reply

The AIMMS WebUI is well known for its capability to create a UI for inspecting and analyzing data in a browser and for modifying existing data. However, as a model developer, you also want your users to be able to:

  • Create new data,
  • Modify existing data, and
  • Detect invalid data as soon as possible

Consider the picture below:

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The benefits of Agile for developing AIMMS applications

Posted on January 04, 2016 by Leave a reply

As a software company with over 25 years in the industry, we’ve experienced the evolution of IT development first hand. In the past, like all software developers, we worked using the ‘waterfall’ method. In 2014, we decided to adopt Agile/SCRUM for our product development. Agile methodologies focus on user value and encourage rapid and flexible response to change as well as adaptive planning, instead of long-term planning and sequential design. We’ve seen several improvements since we adopted this approach: output has gone up a lot, transparency has increased, we get a lot more feedback on our development, the dialogue with internal stakeholders and customers has improved, and our overall sense of progress and job satisfaction has gone up.

Seeing what Agile has brought to our internal development process, I thought it would be valuable to share more about our experience in order to inspire you to consider Agile methodologies when developing AIMMS applications.

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