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Integer hackathon Data encodings

Support of UTF8 and Other Encodings

A text is a sequence of characters. A text file contains such a text whereby the characters are represented by numbers. The mapping between these characters in a text and…

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AIMMS WebUI math application

Development of a Small Rostering Application

Solutions from rostering applications affect the daily life of the people rostered. Therefore, the application developers and planners iteratively improve the rostering applications and the quality of the solutions, often…

Beginner, Technical
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AIMMS rogo

ROGO solver using constraint programming

The ROGO puzzle, rogopuzzle.co.nz, challenges players to find a good path on a board, pick up treasures, and avoid pitfalls. This puzzle, and its corresponding iPhone app, were originally developed…

Advanced, Technical
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Scheduling for project planning

The identifier types ACTIVITIES and RESOURCES, and the scheduling intrinsic functions as part of the AIMMS constraint programming component are very useful in modeling construction projects and optimizing the makespan…

Advanced, Technical
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What is the element after the last?

Consider a stock balance S(t+1)=S(t)+P(t)-D(t). Via t+1 we refer to the next element in a set. Using such an expression as an argument of a variable, as in S(t+1), we…

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